What is Cosmic E-Shisha™?

Cosmic E-Shisha™ is a high quality electronic vaping device. It is specially designed to deliver great flavor and thick vapor clouds, tobacco-free, tar-free and hassle-free, without the use of charcoal. Shop online for the Cosmic E-Shisha.

How does the Cosmic E-Shisha™ work?
For detailed information about the preparation and use of the Cosmic E-Shisha™, please view our digital instruction video.
You can also chat with us online or email us with your questions at info@cosmicevape.com
Is there a warranty on the Cosmic E-Shisha™?
We offer a 30 day limited warranty on the Cosmic E-Shisha™.
Before using the Cosmic E-Shisha™, please make sure to read the user’s manual included in every Cosmic E-Shisha™ box.
The warranty only covers manufacturing defects. Water or physical damage is not covered under the warranty. If water or any other liquid is introduced, the warranty will be nullified.
To be eligible for the warranty, the product should be returned in its original packaging.
For more information on the warranty or on the procedure for returns, please send us an email to info@cosmicevape.com
What are Cosmic E-Liquids™?

Cosmic E-Liquids™ are a mix of special ingredients that are specially formulated for use with the Cosmic E-Shisha™ for great vaping sessions. They come in a variety of different flavors. Shop online for the Cosmic E-Liquids.